Dealing with work, day to day life, hurt feelings, pain, children, schools, attorneys, GAL's, and therapists can become a complicated task.

I have designed a flexible and unique strategy that focuses on providing that much aspired emotional support.

It's practical, realistic and works on how to clearly communicate your concerns, wants, and needs, after exploring your options.

The divorce process can be intimidating at any stage. There are moments where you will feel tired and overwhelmed.

It will eventually impact your capacity to make important decisions and blur your problem-solving vision.

As your Divorce Coach, I'll help you navigate the peaks and valleys of divorce at any stage.

We'll work together on motivating you to keep on track with your work, your job, life and strengthen your skills to take control.



Understanding your situation

 Taking Control of the Situation

Breaking down the process of divorce

 Regain Strength and Productivity

 Redefining who you are professionally

 Taking Steps Forward