Divorce Coaching is a specialized area of coaching. People struggle with the idea of moving forward with the dissolution of their marriage.

They seek a Divorce Coach to help them gain that much-needed emotional support for coping and navigating their lives with clarity while on this personal journey.

My Divorce Coaching approach is tailored to best fit your needs and targeted to keep your productivity levels on track during the process.


As your Divorce Coach I can help you:

 Divorce Coaching is an extremely valuable tool

 Men and women struggle differently during their divorce journey

  Productivity at work is affected from 40% to 70% 
 Cope with the overwhelm, a fuzzy mind, and hurt feelings  which are challenging tasks at work when you have a high stake job to keep
 Navigating your Divorce journey alone, with clarity and effectiveness is extremely difficult when you are engaged in a high paying, high responsibility job
 Your case is particular and we'll work on your wants and needs
 I'll help you organize your thoughts and turn them into powerful questions and actions
 Keeping on track with your tasks and your divorce journey requires much thought  and  effort
 I'll assist you on focusing your efforts on your priorities by creating goals
 I'll help you achieve those goals to get you closer to designing your new life 
 Help you rebuild strength, productivity, and resilience at your workplace
 Validate you
 Help you communicate clearly and credibly with the hired professionals of your choice while you keep your job



     Here's how we will work together:


ONE TO ONE COACHING:  You will decide whether it is one session you can benefit from, or if you believe that continued support is necessary for your particular situation.

I'll design a bespoke strategy that works best for you.

It all depends on your wants and needs.

We'll work together on moving forward and getting the results you need.

I'll provide a secure and confidential space for you to be heard, forge courage, and build up your confidence.

This is a time to gain resilience and work on achieving peace of mind, ensuring that you make the next step in your life a safe one for you and your family.



FACE TO FACE COACHING: The benefit of conducting our first session in person is that I can get to know you and identify how I can help you. You may choose to meet somewhere convenient such as a venue of your preference, your home, office, attorney's office, or my office


SKYPE: Is a fantastic way to communicate if you are not in the Greater New York Area, or if you are abroad.


TELEPHONE: Busy clients are able to schedule their sessions and connect by telephone