Keep Your Tips Up - Divorce and Emails

Keep Your Tips Up - Divorce and Emails


       Lock Those Emails

The catchy situation with emails and divorce, is that the majority of the information received and shared; with attorneys as well as other experts, is indeed via Electronic mail.

The quantity of back and forth communications is huge. You must be prepared to identify and catalog each and every piece correctly from the start. Never delete anything, it might be of use in the future as reference or evidence.

Make hard copies and backup digital copies in 3 places such as iCloud, Dropbox, and if you can, purchase a downloadable Email Archiver application which is very easy to use. The best way to do this is by categorizing each and every file. 

As hard as it might be, especially when feelings are hurt, PLEASE refrain from emailing your spouse, his family, or friends. This information can be misconstrued and used against you in court as evidence with proof of authenticity.

Only submit short and specific emails, with bullet points, when necessary about doctors, school, and other important subjects pertaining to children. Don't make reference to anything  already being discussed with attorneys.

Never use the home internet provider's email, as it relays easy access for prying eyes. It is common for spouses to get into your home email and erase important information. I had 10 years worth of emails erased from my inbox, and I don't want this to happen to anyone else.

In fact, I also learned when I tried to recuperate them from the provider, that the email address I had used for so long didn't belong to me. Even though it held all my personal and work information. The account belongs to the primary account holder's name even if you are a secondary account holder.

If you are using the provider's email, go ahead and start an account with a secure free email provider such as iCloud or Gmail . Forward the home account emails as soon as you can. Be strategic, and create account names and passwords that don't relate to anything. These accounts and passwords are for your own use, keep your information safe.

Don't let anyone else log into your computer as an administrator. They will be able to plant spyware applications or key loggers that don't even appear in the Add/Remove Programs list or task manager. You put your information at risk as your computer can be synchronized with remote access applications, and the key loggers will evidently give all your passwords away.

Keep your laptop safe and secure while tending to your children, sleeping, or doing any activity that might keep you far away from it for more than 3 minutes. Never leave an open screen and set your computer to lock when it is idle. Humans tend to forget from time to time.

In times of conflict make it a habit to check and double check what you are exposing in terms of information. Don't get comfortable, keep your tips up so you can navigate your divorce journey safely and with dignity.
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