Hello Gossip

Hello Gossip

“Care about what other people think, and you will always be their prisoner.”—Lao Tzu


Someone told me the other day "Everyone screws up; it's just a matter of how you pick yourself up, it's your life, no one else's."

Absolutely! There's always a screw up to fix, apologies to ask for, and shifts to embrace. Otherwise, life would completely flat and meaningless.

With a screw-up comes the GOSSIP, the comments, the posts... anything that people with low self-esteem consider food for fodder.

It's obvious that they are not willing to work on themselves at all. Some humans are tremendously lazy and comfortably fixated on what's going on with others instead what's going on with them.                       

           -->> Outside is better, feels better and needs less work! <<--

The jagged energy behind GOSSIP can be extremely damaging when you are open to hearing what others think about you. Permitting those opinions to affect your growth process, completely erases the essence of what can be a valuable learning personal experience.

The ability to deflect GOSSIP'S negativity requires High Self Esteem and this absolute condition: Only and only if you know yourself.

It all rounds up to the "live and let live" part of being human. Have a handful of good friends that you can count on, and be sure to nurture those valuable relationships.

The unnecessary and expired "friendships" will eventually crumble in most cases by GOSSIP.  

LESSON LEARNED: If they did not take the time to call you, and are ready to talk about you with others, then it's time to be wiser with whom you accept to share a portion of your valuable time.

Freedom requires strength, forward thinking, and growth.







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