Green With Productivity

Green With Productivity

Every time I ask my clients what color they see when thinking about their own divorce process, the answer is TUNNEL BLACK ... mine was as well.

Marriage dissolution is determined as an imminent social failure, however, when you get married the chances of getting divorced in this day and age are 55%. Let us acknowledge that the world now runs at a faster pace. 

 For example: Trying to control another from being unfaithful is like fighting a Tsunami, and trying to understand why is worse. Why? Because you are wasting your time. People make decisions and we're all unpredictable humans.

You are using that precious time to focus on uncertainty and broken feelings while obliterating your ability to produce positive things at work and home. That's why everything turns black on you!

For whatever reason your marriage is over,  this is the pivotal moment in life to search for support from someone who is emotionally removed from the situation.
It's your chance to work on a new script together with me! Together we'll crush that Blackened Anxiety that negatively affects your productivity in the range of 40% to 70%. Let's shift your mindset into Green Productivitywhere you can find your focus and keep your skills sharpened at work or home.

Green Productivity and healing do not come on their own under times of duress. It is the result of very hard work, it's a process, and you don't have to do it alone


"None but ourselves can free our minds"  Bob Marley



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