Double Six Times Two

Double Six Times Two



Where's the board?

Is it too high for you to see?

How are you going to roll the dice when you can't even see what is going on?

How will you strategize if you can't play?

There is always a way around everything, it's just a matter of stepping back and looking at the big picture. Easier said than done right?

The only thing that will bring that board down so you can roll your dice is STRENGTH.

This type of strength requires 3 attributes:

A) Resilience - Your ability to bounce back from adversity

B) Knowledge - Educating yourself about what you count on, who you count with, and what your needs and options are

C) Emotional Intelligence - your capacity to be aware of your emotions, self control, and express yourself with assurance and empathy 

In a high conflict divorce, the opposing party's lawyers want two things: to get you exhausted enough and sign off.  

Getting your STRENGTH back won't happen overnight! You have to work on yourself constantly by building your tribe to thrive. Creating that safe space for clear thinking, reading, investigating and knowing your case like the back of your hand.

 The higher they place the board, the easier it is for them to expire your strength, and make you give up.








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