Building up your STRENGTH

Building up your STRENGTH

Just deciding to initiate legal divorce proceedings whether with a mediator or an attorney, makes you very tired and your energy is substantially drained. Your inner strength resources are running low, and there is still a journey to travel in order to complete the process; which includes, designing your new life.  

As your Divorce Coach, I'll validate your concerns and work on understanding your situation. My program is designed to help you move forward and keep the momentum. Your plan is unique and combined with specific problem-solving strategies, enabling you to visualize and create that big picture.

By breaking down the process of divorce we design short term attainable goals and long term ones. Each one is designed to optimize your financial resources, gain clarity to attain achievable and planned results while making secure steps forward.

In order for you to take control of the situation, the first step is building up that lost strength.  I created my Divorce Coaching Program to help you navigate those peaks and valleys while providing emotional support and nourishing your focus. If you are tired and thinking about throwing in the towel you would definitely not be working on rebuilding yourself and being resilient.

By building strength you are also working on your self-confidence. You are completely redefining who you are. You are gaining the strength and knowledge to present yourself before the professionals involved in the process as a credible client. Someone who is well organized and informed, a person who is ready to move forward and making educated decisions.

Divorce Coaching provides you with the tools to cope and fire up a positive attitude together with recovered strength and focus. The journey of divorce is a tumultuous period of life, whether by choice or not. This journey is yours, totally unpredictable, and definitely, you don't have to do it on your own.





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