2017 Already?

2017 Already?
My New Year's Eve was magnificent. I had an amazing party at my home accompanied by my Loves (my children) and incredible friends that I have met along the way. I'm grateful for their company and stoked that I got to share this moment with them. We laughed, danced and most of all agreed to spend more colorful times together.


On the other side of the pond, I have friends whom I cherish so, and ventured on asking them the same old question - How Was Your New Year's Celebration? - It was an obvious assumption that theirs had been like mine! Not by a long shot....


Some ended up with the wrong people. It sounded hilarious, as this crowd to my understanding has everything nicely planned to the T. Surprisingly enough, they ended up transitioning into 2017 with lines from their hosts like - Don't turn the volume up, the owner of the house does not like it - Or better yet - You are from Colombia, no Macarena? - The answer to that was - No honey Only Salsa.


Another friend answered - I Survived -. This sounded like my life before, I was surviving every moment. Probably I spent too many New Year's Eves with the wrong people. Those moments were so hard for me, thinking about how I was going to make that New Year into the best one yet. Not! Surviving is not the answer.


This time I did it, I managed to bring everything and everyone together to make it happen. 2017 is going to be an amazing year. Do you know why? Because I have Love, I help people navigate, I make connections and most of all because I learned to understand that survival mode is just temporary. 


Being present with my family is the most valuable gift I have given to Me. The only way it has happened is by surrounding myself with people that share that same vibe. Now I can say I built my tribe. It does not matter if you end up at the Wrong Party, what matters the most is that you move forward from survival mode, make changes and tweak your tune.


  Cheers to 2017! 
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